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Pics Oahu

Introducing Baby Ryan!

Aid Climbing Practice

Paris Babymoon



Phoenix Visit

West Ridge of Mt Conness

Dave's Wedding

Hot Air Ballooning

Summer Trip Home

Caving & Skiing

Making Marshmallows

Boat dive in Monterey

Hanging out with Ryan

Hiking the JMT

Mount Langley



Donner Ski Ranch

Napa New Years


Science field work


Halloween @ Trion

Advanced Open Water course

North Couloir

Hiking Half Dome

Backpacking in Point Reyes

New Grad Camping and Monterey Scuba Diving

Lover's Leap & Dave & Busters

Red River Gorge

New York


Monterey & Tidepooling

Charlene's Birthday Weekend


Ren Faire

California Academy of Science

Florence's Wedding

Suzy and Peder's Wedding

Kayaking, brunch, games, mini-golf, birthday bbq

Marc's 30th Birthday

Montreal/Ottawa/Kingston Trip

Eric Vignola's Wedding

Monterey Bay Aquarium

4th of July @ Skywalker Ranch

Courtland's Birthday

Santa Cruz Wine Tasting

30th Birthday Party

Tahoe Car Camping

Broken Ankle

Snowshoeing @ Dewey Point

Boarding @ Dodge Ridge

New Years 2009

Christmas 2008

Costa Rica

Halloween @ Trion

Marianne & Josh's Wedding

Beethoven's 9th

Mt Lassen


Dad's Wedding

Climbing at Lover's Leap

Climbing Cathedral Peak

Andria's Wedding

Toronado with Work Folks

Climbing at Lover's Leap

Charles Babbage's Difference Engine No. 2

Climbing @ Consumnes River Gorge

Climbing @ Red Rocks

The Dish, Napa and Peep Fights!

Super Fancy Pizza Party

Sha's birthday (and cheesecakes)

Tahoe 2008

Christmas 2007

Peru (Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Inca Trail)

Mike and Vicki's Wedding

Mike and Jenny's Wedding

Pumpkin Festival (and the Bouldering Comp)

Killpack's Rafting Trip


Fireworks and Yosemite

Jason and Sara's Wedding

Cocoa & Chase

Hiking at Muir Beach

Hiking in Yosemite

Mt Shasta via Avalanche Gulch

Rope Skillz Course

Mt Shasta via Casaval Ridge

Montara B&B

Climbing/Hiking at Yosemite

Tahoe Ski Trip

Christmas 2006

Climbing at the Beaver Street Wall

Climbing at Lover's Leap

Camping at Grundy Lake

Mira's Wedding

Climbing at Pinnacles

White Mountain Peak

Skyline to the Sea Day Hike

Climbing @ Planet Granite

SF AIDS Walk 2006

Climbing at Castle Rock

Biking to Tiburon

Yosemite - Hiking Half Dome

Yosemite - Dragger & HandJamMasterC

Mike & Vicki's Trip

Yosemite - Snake Dike

Tanzania (Kilimanjaro, Safari, Zanzibar, Amsterdam)

Tahoe Ski Trip '06
Tahoe Ski Trip '06 (Sha's pictures)

Holidays of 2005

Babs' Birthday

Mount Whitney

More Climbing at Summit Rock

Skyline to the Sea

Climbing at Summit Rock

Mohawk '05

Mount Rainier (and Seattle)

Heast Castle

Memorial Day 2005

Mount Tamalpais

Birthday, Bay-to-Breakers, E3

Isidro's Party

Tahoe (again)!

SF Zoo with Jess and Delaney

New Orleans & Mardi Gras Marathon

Random February Pictures (mainly El Stinko Por Los Singles and Hanging Out With Hannah)

Thanksgiving 2004

Crappy Test Pictures

'boarding in Tahoe

Christmas 2004

Halloween @ Castro

Napa Excursion

Scuba, San Fran & Rock Climbing @ Pinnacles!

French Toast and Sunflowers

Sarah and Rod's Wedding


UW Friends + 4th of July

House Warming Party

Half Moon Bay

My Surprise Birthday Party!


New Years 2004

Christmas 2003

Thanksgiving 2003 + Scott's visit

Swing Dancing Pictures from 2002

Marc's Trip to SF

My New Car

SF Treasure Hunt

LA with Dave!

Hayley's Pool Party

Our new house!


Jason's Wedding

Cake, BBQ and Fish

End of School!!!

MGC Pub Crawl

Bouldering @ UW

Pot Luck

Math Grad Ball

Vicki's Birthday

Secret Santa


New Years 2003

Scott's Birthday

Christmas 2002

End-of-Term (Fall 2002)

Another Thanksgiving 2002

Thanksgiving 2002

CS488 images (graphics)

Froshweek 2002!

Climbing Mount Shasta!

Surfing in sunny California!

My return to the homeland for my birthday!

Rock climbing at Pinnacles National Monument

Boat cruise on SF Bay

Road trip!!

The lovely beaches near Santa Cruz..

Our trip to the San Fran Zoo!

When Vicki came to visit.. our capers through San Fran!

Some not so great pictures of my cube at EA..

My new camera!

Christmas 2001

Froshweek 2001!!!

The joys of cs452!

Miscellaneous pictures

The Christmas holidays!

Me shaving in stages..

May 2000 Camping trip to Algonquin Park

Froshweek 2000
Frosh week 1999 (in the old picture page)

Old picture page (unsorted)
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